Holiday planning

Here are all the things I meant to include in the previous weekends’ coffee share. Sit back and enjoy some milk tea and some snacks.

So we decided it was best to not go anywhere for this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ever since we moved to LA back in 2012, we have been splitting our time during November and December between LA and San Diego. One year, we’ll spend Thanksgiving weekend in San Diego and Christmas in LA. For the following year, we switch the visits. I’m not going to lie, it can be quite stressful for my husband and me because we’re the ones who make the drive while the San Diego family does not. I recalled from one Christmas in San Diego my husband asked me, “can you remind me why do we switch between SD and LA? It’s not like on years when we decide to stay in LA for Christmas they come over here.” My answer was, “it’s (your) family. I treat your family like I treat mine.” At that time we left in a rush after his sister soured Christmas morning with a family fight with her brothers and mom. At this point, he felt we were just going to San Diego just for the act of showing up for family.

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State of the yard

Welcome to homeownership. I’ve been meaning write about homeowner life and the projects around it. It’s a lot of work and we DIY quite a bit.

Last month my goal was to build a pergola in the backyard but this project requires a lot of steps. I thought it was pull weeds and add pavers. But we found a large part of the backyard has concrete below the a few inches of dirt. The last owners did an awful job with the concrete which is why we need to get rid of it too, not just the weeds.

Gladly, we invested in renting a drill for a day to break up and move the concrete in the yard. We can repurpose concrete for other things in the future. It was the best 70 dollars spent ever.
We also learned we need to slope the backyard away from the house. Right now the yard is sloped to the house and it’s bad because when it rains, it would ruin the foundation over time. We need to reslope so water can go away from the house and feed into the river.

Weeds, concerte, dirt.

This pergola project requires more steps.

Welcome to homeownership.