Just Chill

Our miniature schnauzer, Teddy tends to be resistant to water unless it is in a water bowl. But from our camping trip, we went hiking around Hume Lake. It was a hot day and Teddy did not mind taking a dip in the water before completing the rest of the loop. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of rest. Thank you for the reminder, puppies. I can always tell myself “the world can wait.” There is no need to finish everything and everything quickly.

Teddy does not know how to swim, but he found a place that is shallow where he can rest for a little bit. Koda, of course, joined in.

Hume Lake

Hume Lake

My question here is: how is nobody in that hammock? This frame looks so peaceful! The funny thing about camping is you could do nothing for an hour and you don’t feel a itch to do something. At home or at work, doing nothing for two minutes makes you restless and can make you other around you feel restless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

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