Life according to my first digital camera

The first digital camera I ever bought with money I earn from my first job was a Canon point-and-shoot camera. Before that I would buy a series of cheap point-and-shoot 35 mm cameras and one-time-use cameras with money I earned through meager allowances and babysitting gigs. The Canon camera was my first big purchase in my life — it was the first items I bought in my life that was more than $50 — actually I remembered it was around the ballpark of $250+ in the early 2000s. At the time, my Canon point-and-shoot was the most expensive thing I owned and I was devoted to taking care of it, hoping it would last me a long time. From my senior year in high school at 17 years to 23 years old, it had a pretty good lifespan. Here is where it took me according to my Canon:

Lens Artists #133– My Photography Journey

Perfectly Arranged

It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order“.

– Douglas Hostadter



Japan, 2007 — wow that was 10 years ago!

These lotuses sure sure look like they could be sculptures — they’re so pristine! I love the way the petals and stigma radiate from the center. It’s interesting how a plant from seed just knows how many petals around each row and how far apart. The petal and stigma distribution is evenly distributed all around and not placing petals on heavily on one side.

In other news…

I blogged significantly less this week. It’s been crazy busy at work since we are  now one person less in my department, I hosted two events, and drove a lot and it was ridiculously hot. I am surprised I hit my goal which was to complete 300 Pure Barre classes this month. I was determined to complete 300 classes before 30 and I did. I turn 30 in Saturday by the way.

Today I’m having an early day going to Sequoia with friends for our annual camping trip. Feel free to follow my personal instagram (@itsjuliebear) — I do InstaStories. We’ll be there until Monday.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Check out some of these submissions for their interpretation for “Structure“:

Bridges around the World

Wow, I had to dig really deep to find some photos of a bridges from my travels. There’s something so charming, pensive, or adventurous about bridges no matter what the size.



Bridges in Italy (2015)
Top (from left to right): Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast
Bottom: Florence, Amalfi Coast

costa rica monterverde cloud forest

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica (2016)

New York City Highline

Highline Park, New York City, USA (2012)


Bridges of Japan (2007)
Top: Shirikawa, Tokyo
Bottom: Kanazawa, Takayama

Somewhere in the California Central Coast (2006). This view along with a cup of coffee makes me feel pensive.

San Francisco (2015). This was from the Google San Francisco office.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower (2005)

And of course, home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge