Five Things Friday: Nutella Beignets please

Five Things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

Muse Catalog

I added a new section on my blog called “Muse Catalog” where I share a quote or a short story each Monday. I have a collection of quotes and short stories in my notebook I keep in my notebook and I thought it would be nice to find an outlet to share. If you have a short story or quote you’d like me to feature — let me know!

Reporting False News on Facebook

I am for people expressing their own opinions on Facebook or other social media. I do read them with an open mind. However, I am not for the spread of false information. I would like to assume you came across a fact on your newsfeed and this fact framed and fueled your personal beliefs. From there, you shared it. Just to let you know, I did a fact check on your post and it was false so I flagged it on Facebook as false news. I felt better after doing this, I really did. I felt I can help make the Internet a better place and sleep better at night. With that being said, I urge other people to also do the same.

Little Free Libraries

I am decluttering my books. Instead of donating to Good Will, I will instead place them in Little Free Libraries around the neighborhood. They can head over to forever homes or they can be rehomed over and over again.

I wonder what is the minimum income for one to have the life they portray on Instagram?

Coffee Conversations

This is a fun topic for Friendly Photo Friday because it featured my favorite thing, coffee! I still take photos on my food and drink when I go out to eat. Anyways here are some photos of coffees — usually paired with the food I ate from my recent travels.