Kitsilano Wings (PPAC #50)

This was from a trip to Vancouver in 2018. Was it this recent? For some reason, I thought this was far far longer. We’ll travel international again…one day…even with baby Lana in tow. We were initially planning to go to Australia, but plans fell through :-/.

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Parking garage mural (PPAC #49)

This is probably the most lively parking parking garage I’ve been to. Splashes of color in what’s mostly a grey plain area makes a difference.

Location: North Hollywood at the NoHo West Shopping Center.

It looks like neighborhoods adjacents to North Hollywood also want to become North Hollywood too. Down the street from my house, I saw a sign on a street where they were claim themselves to be “North Hollywood North East.” Maybe my neighborhood will be absorbed to become “North Hollywood North West.” Too many norths to be honest.

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Here are more elephants (PPAC #48)

Another dreamy mural featuring elephants. You’ll find this mural at the side of an Indian restaurant called India’s Clay Pit in North Hollywood. I have not been to this restaurant yet because every time I pass by this restaurant, it’s too early in the morning to eat a heavy meal and they’re not open yet. Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I eat A LOT. Aside from this pretty mural, the high reviews and food photos are enough for me to try it out.

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Happy Bunny (PPAC #44)

I’m not a big fan of the “Good Vibes Only” sign. It screams toxic positivity like you are not allowed to complain and express your real emotions.

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The Island of Elephants (PPAC #43)

I think this mural has made its way to my top five favorite public art pieces. I can’t believe I can find this within walking distance to my home. This mural can also be found in Plaza Del Valle. I was drawn by how whimsical and magical it looked with the clouds and the elephants greeting visitors to the island. There’s even a unicorn! When I reviewed the photo, it took me a moment to realize the vases are also painted — it fooled me!

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PPAC #37 Would you like some tea?

You can find this fun, quirky mural on the side of TEAPOP in North Hollywood (Vineland and Ostego).

I enjoy their cold brew and milk tea blend. This franken-drink sounds so weird but it’s so good. Their loose-leaf teas look pretty and I’d love to buy some for my pantry. Maybe I’ll buy some later for the warmer months for some iced tea.

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A Field of butterflies and tulips (PPAC #32)

I enjoy passing back this mural at work. Something about it makes me smile — maybe it’s the bright red tulips. Also, the children are away from screens (assuming they have smartphones and TVs) and are instead interacting with the world around them. It’s strangely refreshing.

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A Bright mural to brighten my week (PPAC #30)

I was going through my old photos and came across this mural from my 2017 Iceland trip. I guess I was drawn to a more colorful photo to brighten my week. I’ve been working from home this week due to the rise of omicron and reducing our exposure by going to the office less. Since my kid’s daycare is at my work, I have not been taking her to daycare this week so she’s with me all day. Even before having a kid, I have never been a fan of working from home.

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Love is everywhere (PPAC #23)

I know I took this photo about a month ago when I took Lana out for trick-or-treating at the mall. It’s been ages since I’ve gone to any mall at the time. One part that stood out at the mall was this large art install creating some potential “Instagrammable” opportunities.

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Construction barriers as canvases (PPAC #15)

Reykjavik, Iceland has a lot of stunning public art, but this caught my eye because someone used a construction barrier as their canvas.

Pre-pandemic in LA, it seemed construction was going on all the time: new apartment building, new stores, reviving abandoned buildings, etc. I don’t recall seeing any art on any construction barrier — it would be nice there was. It would have made my work lunch walks more enjoyable than seeing blank eyesores. It’s like a pop-up art display or a temporary exhibit.

gorilla mural


The Great Wall of Los Angeles (PPAC #1)

Cee Neuner and Marsha Ingrao are co-hosting a Photographing Public Art Challenge which explores public art and how to define public art. This challenge totally excited me because I have taken A LOT of photos of public art around my hometown and around the world. I remembered many years ago after college, my friends and I started blogging as a medium to keep in touch. I guess we thought we were too cool for Facebook.

Anyways one of the things we shared on our blogs was public modern art found in business parks. It sounds random for a lot of people, but for us it was our inside joke. A lot of the sculptures just did not make any sense. We started working our first jobs at the time, so naturally we wrote a lot about work and the “quarter-life” crisis.

For these challenges, I would like to start sharing public art found around my hometown, Los Angeles. First up is the Great Wall of Los Angeles. This mural can be found in the Tujunga Wash. I posted this mural originally in May 2017 when I was doing the 52 hike challenge that year. I loved they made this neighborhood wash a trail.

Though the definition of public art is fuzzy, I believe one of the qualities for art to be public is that it recognizes a piece of a city or town’s history whether it is good or bad. The Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of the longest murals in the world illustrating the history of Los Angeles starting from pre-historic Los Angeles and La Brea tarpit to the Olympic champions in 1984. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the mural from the National Park Services site. I intend to return to take better close-up shots of each section. Maybe that will be my summer project. I’m still designing my summer.

Some public art around the blogosphere:

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