Art can change a neighborhood (PPAC #46)

Please excuse me, I am recovering from a cold. I don’t have COVID, I took the test first thing when I woke up. Maybe it’s the drastic change in weather.

I want to revisit more murals at Plaza del Valle, a bazaar in my neighborhood. I honestly believe art can change a neighborhood for the better. For a long time, my neighborhood has been overlooked. “Better” businesses would pass this neighborhood over and make shop in “nicer” and “trendier” neighborhoods though we have many vacant places. Maybe the local art scene will give my neighborhood the attention it finally deserves.

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Hourglass (PPAC #28)

This mural is quite interesting. The top half looks like a bunch of different tropical houseplants and the bottom looks like the empty half of an hourglass. I’m not sure about the interpretation…maybe the message is that bringing plants and color make life more exciting? Hopefully, it’s excitement in a good way — I’m trying in every way to avoid things that make my life complicated.

The PPAC has been a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed seeing public art — even the ones I just don’t “get.” It’s a fun way to explore a city, even my own. See you next year everyone!

PPAC #28

Where’s Morty? PPAC #14

Found this mural off of Coldwater Canyon Ave and Roscoe Blvd at a Shell Gas Station. Maybe Morty is not far behind chasing his grandfather again.

I’m not sure if the show is available outside the U.S. but just in case, Rock and Morty is adult animated show. It centers around a family of four. Rick is the mom’s father who moves in with them. He’s eccentric and enjoys travelling to different multiverses with his grandson, Morty. The show is satiric and irreverent — something I do enjoy after a long stressful day at work.

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Angels in the Wild (PPAC #4)

Los Angeles isn’t nicknamed the City of Angels for nothing. Here you’ll find many murals of angel wings scattered through LA. Getting yourself in front of these angel wings makes up for some fun photos!

Found on Santa Monica Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard.

And there are many more angel wings found throughout LA.

#Pipersofly #PPAC4

Public art in the blogosphere this week: