Sorry for the mess

I apologize for the mess! We just returned from a camping trip with friends in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. We camped out in Tinnemaha Creek Campground. It was a short but sweet trip. I’ve never been out in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. The landscape here is quite interesting — desert life in the foreground and high icy mountains in the background. I would love to explore other parts of the Eastern Sierras such as Mono Lake, Manzanar, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.

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Wake up with bursts of colors

The beginnings of spring

I’m not sure when exactly it happens, but there’s this perfect part of the year I enjoy where it’s a tolerable 60-70 F sunny day and the trees wake up with bursts of colors. My favorite part of the year started this week. I’ve been walking a little slower to enjoy these colors while they’re here for however long.

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Life in Color: Green

My favorite color is green. To me I find it relaxing, yet refreshing. It is a marriage of a calm color (blue) and bright, happy color (yellow). Since I live in a city, finding patches of green makes me happy. I’m not saying I’d live in a rural area. I enjoy the conveniences of city life too much. To me, a trip to the park is enough to boost my mood and give me respite.

These are closeup shots of leaves from a trip in Japan many years ago — 2007 to be exact.

Five things Friday: A Glimpse into my world

I thought this week’s Five things Friday I could do a twist by sharing a glimpse into my world according to my smartphone. Just like most people who have a smartphone, I take mines everywhere. My most used app is the camera app taking photos of things that appeal to me. So here are the top five things you’ll most likely find on my phone:

1. Food I’ve eaten at a restaurant – This photo is from the last restaurant I ate. I got the day off on Monday because it was President’s Day. I met husband for lunch since his work did not get the day off. This restaurant is a Southern Indian restaurant not too far from his work. I am so glad at least outdoor dining is back.

Goat combo meal
Carrot dessert on the far left and sauces
Eggs bonda
Mango lassi

2. Food I make

3. The underappreciated nature finds in Los Angeles — I enjoy being outside. I like how I don’t have to go very far to find it.

Scorpion Park
Angeles National Forest
Hollywood Sign
Behind the Hollywood sign

4. My dogs

Koda the Pomeranian
Teddy the mini Schnauzer

5. …and of course, Lana.

Lana at four months old

The hummingbirds and the bees

Selvatura Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica – September 2016

We went to Costa Rica during Labor Day weekend about four years ago. Selvatura Park was one of my favorite experiences in Costa Rica. You walk across many hanging bridges bridges to explore the cloud forest, a butterfly garden, and a hummingbird garden. The hummingbird garden was my attempt in capturing hummingbirds at mid-flight. Also, I have to say, it was one of the few times I was not scared of bees — they were harmless.

Lens-Artists Challenge #130: It’s a Small World

I have many travel photos I’ve been meaning to share on my blog and SmugMug album. Hopefully I make Travel Tuesday a consistent series on my blog.

Photo outakes and lessons learned from the Oregon and Washington trip

Warning this is a picture heavy post. These are photos I haven’t gotten a chance to post and some lessons I learned from my trip.

Nick Grimm House
Saw Nick’s house from Grimm at Portland!

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