Things I’ve been eating during my pregnancy

I entered my second trimester of pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I downloaded the Ovia app to keep track of my pregnancy health. I’ve been obsessively tracking if I’ve been eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables, taking 1000 mg of calcium, and 70 g of protein every day. To be honest, it is probably the healthiest I’ve been in a while.

I take a daily prenatal supplement, but remember the key word is “supplement” not meal “replacement.” I’ve had people push me some silly supplements — note, they work for MLM organizations. They’re not exactly the people who are watching out for my well being.

Anyways before pregnancy I’ve had for the most part, a healthy diet. I credit having a healthy diet to why I did not get morning sickness. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but I don’t eat enough protein. During my pregnancy adding more protein has been mindful daily. Thankfully, I found a protein powder I can tolerate and it is OB-GYN approved.

Anyways, here are things I’ve been eating the last few weeks:

  1. Morning smoothie. It is the easiest way for me to start my day with fruits, veggies, calcium, and protein (thank to protein powder). I don’t have a recipe. It’s usually 1 scoop of protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds, spinach, and whatever fruit I have. The smoothie with the protein powder alone equals gets me to 25% of my daily protein intake, 50% of my calcium intake, and 25% of my fruit and vegetable intake.
  2. All the fruits. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, and frozen fruit. That really hast not changed.
  3. Greek Yogurt. To be honest, it is not my favorite yogurt style. I just eat for it because of the protein.
  4. Dessert. Yes, I still eat sweets but just one thing of sweets per day. I like to wait until I go home to have ice cream because it is the only sweet thing I have all day. I am impressed I have the willpower to wait all day.
  5. Peanut butter sandwiches. I pack a peanut butter sandwich for my work lunch. My long time favorite things to add are fresh bananas and raisins — if I have them available.
  6. Hard boiled eggs. There was a time I ate hard boiled eggs all the time at the beginning of my pregnancy. But when people were panic-buying food in the beginning, the eggs section at the grocery store was always empty every time I went. I decided to then ration my eggs. Before quarantine life I use to buy two dozen eggs from a trip, but now my grocery store is asking us to limit us to one carton of eggs.
  7. Baby carrots, baby bell peppers, and celery. I had to find a new snack to munch on since I could not have hard boiled eggs all the time. No one was fighting over baby carrots, baby bell peppers, and celery. By the way, I long enjoyed eating baby bell peppers with some cream cheese.
  8. Nuts. Another snack to replace my daily hard boiled eggs. I snack on nuts mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
  9. Dried beans and lentils. Again, before people were panic buying and took all the canned beans. Thankfully, I’ve always known how to cook them. The bags of dried beans at the grocery store have always been plentiful.