Just crossing the street (PPAC#25)

This metal sculpture looked so interesting that I decided to copy the pose. Julie tries to play with public art yet again.

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High sand dune, low lagoon

Huacachina, Peru is a pretty cool place to take photos, though it’s very touristy. I did not ride the sandbuggy nor sandboarding, my husband and I walked (or crawled) to to the top of the sand dune. We were stepping away from the tourist-heavy parts to admire these waves of sand.

Huacachina desert
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Large to small

This is an interesting challenge. It reminds me of those cardboard children’s books where each page there is a small cutout of a color and it leads you another object to the next page and on to the next page. If this was a children’s book, it would a color feature and the first page would start off as a large object going down to a small object with that color.

I decided for this challenge to play with the color yellow because it’s warm, inviting, and fun. Plus, I wanted some excuse to share a photo of the gigantic Rubber Duck sculpture. I remembered when the duck arrived to San Pedro many years ago, I dragged my boyfriend (now husband) to go check it out after work. I think if it were to make a children’s board book around the color yellow, these photos could pull it off…

Here are some colors from large and small across the blogosphere!

…plus other fellow yellows!

Lens-Artist Challenge: Large to Small

CMMC – June Color – Yellow

Found Paddington Bear in Peru

Location: Lima, Peru

Paddington is a Spectacled Bear native in Andean jungle and the only bear species in South America. You’ll find this statue is one of the many landmarks you’ll find along the Miraflores boardwalk.

Travel Tuesday: Jardin Sagrado, Cusco

I am still in the process of organizing my photos for my SmugMug site. Now since I feel like I’ve settled, I can use this opportunity to organize my SmugMug site and share some photos I find on the way. I’ll perhaps use this time to do a little reminiscing.

To start, Cusco is a charming city worth exploring. If you are going to Machu Picchu, please do not overlook Cusco. On our first day of exploring, we found this large patch of green and I could not help but admire it. It just looks relaxing.

201901Peru (873)
Jardin Sagrado from the top of a hill

Day two – Macchu Picchu teasers

Some photos from yesterday’s Machu Picchu trip. We climbed its highest mountain.

It is no wonder one needs 2 days to explore Machu Picchu. We did not even get to go to the Sun Gate. Until next time I guess.

Day one – Ollantaytambo

Here are some photos to start off our Peruvian travels! All have been taken from my phone. Stay tuned for photos from the real camera.

We started hiking relatively early. It was warm and humid with a little bit of rain. It quickly became brighter in the afternoon. It is summer here in Peru after all.