Starting the New Year off with a vacation!

If we were having coffee we’d probably be sharing — yes, sharing! — this cup of coffee. This is an $11 latte — the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever purchased. They recommended the mocha, but I’d imagine it would be even more expensive. The barista explained that they make their own chocolate or something like that. There were no prices posted on menu so I was price-shocked when I was about to pay at the counter. Was this latte worth the price tag? Unfortunately, no. But the coffee shop was beautiful.

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Pops of pink (PPAC #70)

I know it’s a late post. Now that I have a kid, coming back to a normal routine after a vacation is quite a juggle. Before having a kid, I would be able to get back into a routine as soon as I returned from vacation or a business trip. Now looking back at that girl, I think she might be addicted to being busy. When I came back from my trip, I wanted to enjoy the pause, plan quietly my next thing, read, and watch the newest season of The Crown. I am forever a recovering busy-holic.

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In another 100 years…(PPAC #69)

…this iron statue will still stand in Sugarland, Texas. selfish.

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Summer thoughts (PPAC #68)

Here is some early morning public art for you. These butterflies make me think of summer on a cold morning.

Note: Taken when waiting in traffic.
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Spray-brushed murals (PPAC #67)

I was walking around the NoHo West shopping center and I came across this entire hallway of murals. The artistic style looks very similar to the mural in the parking garage in the same shopping center. It turns out it was painted by the same muralist, Kyle Boatwright. I just love the way he paints the faces — what’s impressive is that he uses spray paint to achieve a photo-realistic face. In contrast, I used spray paint when I was re-doing my dining table because it was faster than using a brush (haha).

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Work in progress (PPAC #66)

I took this photo of an artist painting on a utility box when I was sitting in traffic. The next time I’m on this intersection, which I am almost every day since it is part of my commute, I’ll be sure to take a photo of the finished product. But I have to be sitting in traffic to take a photo. Or maybe when I go grocery shopping across the street, I’ll stop by to take a snap.

Any guesses what she is painting? Comment below! Honestly, I don’t know what she’s trying to paint.

PPAC #66

Decorative Paving (PPAC #64)

More art from the Getty Villa in Malibu. Admissions are free and you will find art in every part of the building — even on the ground.

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Let’s paint the neighborhood (PPAC #63)

I took a photo of this utlity box art when I was sitting traffic. I left work a little later because I had to add air to tires. I left late and it took me a longer time to get to daycare to pick up my kid. Thankfully, I arrive before it closed so I don’t have to worry about a late fee.

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Choose what helps you bloom (PPAC #62)

Another piece of art on a utility box.

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A light show on the beach (PPAC #61)

I found a really, really old cellphone photo. In fact, this photo was taken from a flip phone back in 2008. I was in college and I could not afford an iPhone. I recalled going with my friends and our new neighbors who were in a summer program sponsored by the university. We went out to a free night light show in Santa Monica Beach called Glow. Unfortunately, it only ran for three summers. The first show being in 2008, the second being 2010, and the last one being 2013. I remembered at the time thinking I took a photo of the coolest thing I’ve seen — and it’s on my cellphone! The phone before that had no built-in camera so I believed the phone I had at the time was such an upgrade :-P.

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Let’s escargot around town (PPAC #60)

We’re going to Le Mans, France — home of the famous racetrack, Circuit de la Sarthe, which hosts the 24-hour auto race in every summer. It’s funny to find a sculpture of a giant snail in the center of town rather than say…racecars? In doing some digging, I learned this snail sculpture came from a group of artists called the Cracking Art Group. They create these large scaled animal sculptures made from brightly colored recyclable plastic. In the Cracking Art Group gallery, you’ll find they’ve made sculptures of birds, rabbits, wolves, cats, meerkats, etc. It’s all really cool!

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