How to enjoy the heat while in quarantine

This week has been the warmest week in a while. It would have been a good time to go to the beach, but I decided to be boring and do my part to quarantine. After all I can only really quarantine two days out of the week due to my work. So here are my ideas to have some sort of beach-like experience without leaving home.

  1. Read a book. If I was at the beach, I would lounge and read a book anyways.
  2. Eat ice cream.
  3. Open the windows and invite the fresh air.
  4. Since I don’t have central air conditioning, I have fans. So I turn on the fans throughout the house.
  5. If I had kinetic sand, I would play in a small box of kinetic sand.
  6. Watch beach scenes

What other things can one do at home to pretend they are at the beach?

On a serious note, the real test for the stay at home orders is this week. During this time in SoCal it is a good time to go to the flower fields or go to the beach. COVID-19 and what came of it have upended a lot of spring traditions. They cancelled graduations — I had to request a refund for my graduation regalia. Admission letters from colleges and other professional schools have been delayed. If we were not under stay at home orders, we’d probably go to the dog beach in Long Beach but now we will just have to wait.