The Great Wall of Los Angeles (PPAC #1)

Cee Neuner and Marsha Ingrao are co-hosting a Photographing Public Art Challenge which explores public art and how to define public art. This challenge totally excited me because I have taken A LOT of photos of public art around my hometown and around the world. I remembered many years ago after college, my friends and I started blogging as a medium to keep in touch. I guess we thought we were too cool for Facebook.

Anyways one of the things we shared on our blogs was public modern art found in business parks. It sounds random for a lot of people, but for us it was our inside joke. A lot of the sculptures just did not make any sense. We started working our first jobs at the time, so naturally we wrote a lot about work and the “quarter-life” crisis.

For these challenges, I would like to start sharing public art found around my hometown, Los Angeles. First up is the Great Wall of Los Angeles. This mural can be found in the Tujunga Wash. I posted this mural originally in May 2017 when I was doing the 52 hike challenge that year. I loved they made this neighborhood wash a trail.

Though the definition of public art is fuzzy, I believe one of the qualities for art to be public is that it recognizes a piece of a city or town’s history whether it is good or bad. The Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of the longest murals in the world illustrating the history of Los Angeles starting from pre-historic Los Angeles and La Brea tarpit to the Olympic champions in 1984. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the mural from the National Park Services site. I intend to return to take better close-up shots of each section. Maybe that will be my summer project. I’m still designing my summer.

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WoolyMuses: Portraits on a cement work site

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Neighborhood Art Walk

Last week on a Friday night, our neighborhood city center went from unlively, pedestrian plaza to a night full of light sculptures, live art exhibits, and concerts.

I go to the Van Nuys City Center regularly. After hours and weekends, the plaza is bare and not a place to people-watch and do photoshoots, which is a far constrast  from Pasadena City Hall–30 minutes across town. I don’t think our city hall will ever be as pretty as Pasadena’s, but it’s got so much room for cultural events. It’s just that nobody was using it until last Friday night.



It was a wonderful turn out. I hope Van Nuys gets more events like these. Bonus points for me and my dogs to not travel across L.A.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian 

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Hike 31/52 Caballero Canyon Hike

Date: August 18th
Neighborhood: Tarzana
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Weather: Hot
Distance: 3.54 miles (out and back)

This was my Friday off from work. It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a real hike. This hike is close to home, my go-to Whole Foods, ice cream parlor, and my new favorite brunch place!


On the top of the hill enjoying the valley views.

I can only imagine this area looked lush when it rained earlier this year. It was excruciating hot that morning, my dogs kept taking breaks. This was not a long hike by distance but because of the heat, we took our time.


We descend from the top and head towards an indulgent pile of green tea pancakes!

Sky light

Yes, there is a cave in Los Angeles. This was from one of my hikes (hike 38/52) last week and it was probably one of the coolest hikes I’ve done this year. I did a bit of rock scrambling and made my way to the top of the cave. Stay tuned for more pictures!

This is the “ceiling” of the cave.

I can’t believe this is in Los Angeles and only 10 miles from my house!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

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Wasabi Flavored Ice Cream from Owl’s

Top flavor, Wasabi — It does taste like wasabi and it’s spicy. It did taste good when I had the sample, but the more I ate it, the less I liked it.

Bottom flavor, Honey Rosemary – This one was my favorite of the two. It was floral and pleasant.

Owl’s Ice Cream
19763 Rinaldi St
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Hike 15/52 Porter Ranch/Limekiln Canyon Trail

This is the second time at Porter Ranch trails. I still can’t believe I can find this sort of serenity in the valley.

Date: March 19th

Neighborhood: Porter Ranch

Difficulty: 3

Weather: Cloudy, cool

Distance: 3.97 miles (out and back)


Porter Ranch Trails

Hike 10/52 Fryman Canyon

Date: March 5th

Neighborhood: Studio City

Distance: 3 mile loop

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Weather: Sunny, cool

Trailhead address: 3431 Fryman Rd, Studio City, CA 91604

Fryman Canyon

View of the Valley — it must be beautfiul during dusk!

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Hike 7/52: Porter Ranch Trails/Limekiln Canyon Trail

Date: February 26th

Neighborhood: Porter Ranch

Difficulty: 3

Weather: Cloudy, cool

Distance: 3.46 miles (out and back)

Trailhead location: Limekiln Canyon Trail (Rinaldi Entrance). It’s next to the strip mall with Walmart and Jo-Ann’s Fabric.


This is another gem I found in the valley. Who knew that next to the super strip mall was a park with a stream and lush trees. For a moment you’ll forget you’re surrounded by track houses until you look up and see a glimpse of homogenous tile roofs.

If on some weekends I don’t have time to hike, this is a great place to go. It may be in the suburbs, but it’s fairly challenging will all the uphill and downhill climbs.

Hike 4/52: Woodley Park

Date: January 24th

Neighborhood: Van Nuys/Lake Balboa

Difficulty: 1

Weather: Evening, cool

Miles: 1.6 miles


You can see the 405 Freeway from here. And Encino. And Sherman Oaks.


This was the same day I went walking along the Tujunga Wash. Yes, it was a weekday and I took that day off because I work 6 days last week and that day was my make-up day. My husband came home from work and wanted to go walk around the park. This was our nowadays rare work weekday outing. Gladly we enjoy having this piece of green space nearby.

Again at the time, I thought during the course of the 52 Hike Challenge I’d be making multiple trips to Balboa Park exploring all its quadrant. In retrospect, I was wrong.