Albatross accessories

Earlier this week I got my application and live scan steps to begin the foster parent process. The 20-hour adoption training begins in the fall and I’ve already been pre-registered by the agency. I have the summer to complete the application.

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The Happily Ever After fallacy

Last weekend was the weekend I was least looking forward to because it was Mother’s Day weekend. But it turned out really well. On Saturday, I took Lana and the dogs to our local fire station for the annual LAFD open house. Later that day, we went to Orange County to see the in-laws. On Sunday, I took Lana to the Pasadena Kidspace Children’s Museum. She enjoyed it so much that I got us a membership so we can visit more often. Plus we didn’t get to explore the rest of the campus.

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Another first

On Friday at Lana’s school they had a Mother’s Day party. I learned that Lana can also count and say colors in Spanish — I had no idea they had Spanish class in pre-school.

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How’s the weather?

It has been a month since BIL #1 moved out of my house. I’m not going to lie, it’s been peaceful but I am still pretty annoyed about the way he left. A lot of people have expressed their version of bitterness too. You would think it would be an opportunity for him to step up and help out around the house doing chores, but no, he chose to leave as soon as he can. Perhaps choosing to flee and avoiding to engage in anything to do with his brother is his way of coping with grief?

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I think I’ll be busy for a while

Trigger warning: death, loss, grief

Also another warning: here’s a bunch of disparate thoughts.

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Remember to breathe…

Currently, I am fighting a sinus infection. I am confident I know the culprit. It was my window. It’s been cold for the past few nights and my window has a tiny opening due to the window AC panels. The bottom of the AC panels leave this tiny gap enough to bring a draft into the bedroom. It’s been unusually cold in Los Angeles for the last few nights, some of the residents here think they may have woken up with Colorado overnight. Right now the simplest solution is to cover the entire window with blackout curtains so no more cold air goes in. We are not using the AC until maybe July.

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Here’s to a long rainy weekend

It wasn’t until Wednesday I learned there was going to be a winter storm in California. Is that why the air has been getting so cold? My coworker got a text from a friend who lives in Pasadena saying that it was hailing on her side in Los Angeles.

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It looks like I found a new hobby…

I may have picked up a new hobby and that is reuniting lost dogs with their owners. There was that failed attempt during Christmas…only to learn the owner didn’t care about the dog anyways. That made me bitter. It confirmed my stance on how much I should care about things.

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It is worth this many years of birthday and Christmas presents!

There’s a sickness going around and it’s been crazy. I’ve been under the weather…not quite sick but close to it. The past week when H was sick, he didn’t want to leave the house. The one and only time he went out when he was sick was when I drove him to Urgent Care. He felt really car sick during the short drive.

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The Cat and Rabbit

It’s been getting very cold over the last few days. We don’t have central heating, we have a gas heater that heats up the house okay and space heaters in the room. Oh, old house problems.

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Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn!

Happy Weekend everyone! It’s been raining so hard this past week. The good out of it is that there are mushrooms growing in my front yard. Our front yard has very nutrient-poor soil that nothing grew. For years I’ve been rehabilitating the soil and have been slowly growing things. Mushrooms tell me that we have achieved healthy soil status. I just now have to remove the mushrooms so the dogs don’t accidentally eat them.

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The Little things

Last week I lamented how self-care is hard but I also did want to touch light on the small easy things that invigorated me over the past year. Again, I still don’t consider it self-care but I did not mean that they were too small to make a difference because they do feel good. So here are the “little things” that invigorated me:

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