COVID-19 diaries: Employment situations

Starting tomorrow my husband is working from home. I think he is the lucky few. I have to report to work because I work at a hospital. Though in the last few years there are articles that say things like “working from home is becoming the new normal” there are many jobs where people do not have a choice other than working at a site. Some might consider his situation a luxury.

Today I was going through my feed and a family friend posted how he just received a call from his manager that he got fired from his job. He worked at a large hotel chain. He is one of many people on my feed who shared they are out of work a month or two or indefinitely (err…fired).

My cousin is a flight attendant. She asked if I knew if anyone is hiring. She is looking for part-time work since she is getting many days off. It is hard to say if my job is hiring because human resources is not taking any live scan appointments — I doubt they are recruiting and placing new postings. I suggested her to look into working for the census. It is considered essential work.

Let me turn this post around. So good news….China has zero new cases. Their lockdown strategy was incredibly effective. Hopefully it turns around in California with the stay-at-home order.

Paper break

When I am not wrting my paper for grad school, I like to organize my photo albums. I just finished uploading and curating my photos from Ollantaytambo on my first ever SmugMug Gallery. Come check it out here!

I am doing a 14-day trial with SmugMug before I commit to buying a membership. So far it seems promising.

Has anyone else used SmugMug?


Amarinyo Gelato

It is hotter in the Valley compared to other places in Los Angeles. Maybe not as hot as Palmdale, but the weather here is surely not West Los Angeles because the hills and mountains separate us from the beach. As soon as you go over the hills, the weather is a 20 degree difference.

With that being said, the Valley needs to have amazing ice cream everywhere you go.  Gladly Amarinyo Gelataria is close by our house.

I was not kidding that I needed ice cream. It’s 7:30 PM and it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Amarinyo gelato

Ferraro Rocher (top) and Pistachio (bottom) gelato.

Amarinyo Gelataria

15355 Sherman Way e,
Van Nuys, CA 91406