Five Things Friday: Welcome to 2021

Five things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

Happy New Year!

1. My Mommies and Me

I found this article on Longreads and to me, it is very telling of a divisive America and also how the internet has transformed the way people think (or not think) for the worst. I have come across a lot of things that Alexandra Tanner has mentioned from lizard people controlling us, the Great Awakening, 5G causes COVID, anti-Semitism, etc. I don’t think it is focused on just moms who use social media, I’ve met a lot of different people spreading crazy misinformation.

2. Cookie swap 2020

Here are the cookies I made. And below are cookies my friends made. Honorary mention to my mom. She made some cookies too.

To be honest, I don’t recall all the cookies. The top left cookie is peanut butter oatmeal. On the second row from left to right: white chocolate chip with almond flour, pecan cookies, and chocolate chip coconut. Bottom row from left to right: matcha rice flour, matcha mochi brownie.

3. First hiking trip as a family of five (dogs count too)

4. My public library

I found out that I can use my library card to access The New York Times. Yes! I don’t need to wait another month to look at five recipes for free!

5. Getting my stimulus check…no matter how little.

During maternity leave, I exhausted my disability insurance a month ago and my paid time off for the year two weeks ago which means I did not have pay for the last two weeks of 2020. When I received my stimulus check yesterday, it lifted my spirits that I did get something.

Since it is a new year, my time off balance is now renewed and ready to be used for the year. I am returning to work in a couple of weeks and I’ll use two weeks of paid time off to cover that — I still have plenty of time off I can use in the event me or my daughter get sick or if I go on a short vacation. To be honest, maternity leave has been a lot of time card gymnastics. I should be grateful I got majority of my maternity leave paid through my disability insurance and that I am healthy enough where I had plenty of paid time off to get paid to be able to extend my leave. Also, I should be grateful I have savings…but I am more glad I did not need it.

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