Little helixes (PPAC #54)

This is an interesting Target. Every Target I’ve seen are big off-white boxes in a sea of parking lots. This City Target in Westwood is unique because it has this interesting helical pattern. I recalled many years ago when this neighborhood did not have a Target–I don’t recall what was formerly there, but I suspect the patterned art came first.

Side note: When I went to university in this neighborhood, there was no Target. My family was in complete disbelief that a neighborhood would NOT have a Target. Since I did not have a car at the time, my Target runs required a bus ride. And also I could only buy what I could carry. When I graduated from university and moved out of the neighborhood, that’s when Target opened (darn it).

Health update: What a week! The beginning of the week felt very slow and suddenly today is Thursday. I’m not sure where the time went. In the beginning of this week, I got the news that my husband got COVID. Right now he’s in Louisiana for the annual army training. He’s a doing week of quarantine on base but we’re keeping an eye on his health since he got pneumonia more than a month ago.

I am not sure how it would go about from there, it’s not like he can fly back home with active COVID… If he tests negative in a few days does he go back to training? Or if he tests positive again and can’t complete the training, does he have to return home and take the training another time? Anyways, that’s been occupying my mind…and then there’s making sure my pets get their daily walks and getting my kid to sleep on time and through the whole night and other projects.

PPAC #54

5 thoughts on “Little helixes (PPAC #54)”

  1. That is an unusual Target, Julie. Must be they are changing their look! What do you think of it? I’m so sorry about your husband! What a horrible experience to be sick away from home like that. I’ll be praying and thinking good thoughts for him. 🙂


    1. I’m not sure. This neighborhood likes to retain their art on the buildings. I have a feeling the patterned art came first :-P.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts. This morning he went to the ER because he had chest pain. His x-ray confirmed he had COVID-pneumonia so they’re keeping him in isolation there for at least five days.

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      1. Poor guy. I had pneumonia with pulmonary embolisms and I thought I was going to die. It was so miserable. How’s the BIL situation? Better, I hope. 🙂


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