Holding the Heavens (PPAC #55)

For the 55th PPAC, we are going to find some public art abroad. I love finding an excuse to set aside time to look through old travel photos. This was from a trip to New York City 10 years ago where I went with my college friend and we met with other friends who were living in NYC at the time.

We went to 30 Rockefeller Plaza and did the studio tour. In front of 30 Rock is a large statue of a titan carrying a sphere representing the celestials. It’s a lot larger in real life with the man being 15 feet and the whole status at 45 feet. The first thing that came to my mind when seeing this status was Atlas Shrugged. Side note: I never read the book. It’s just a recognizable cover.

PPAC #55

3 thoughts on “Holding the Heavens (PPAC #55)”

  1. Great statue, Julie. I read the book, Atlas Shrugged, and because of the length, it was quite challenging to read. Nonetheless, I thought it was much better than the movies they tried to make from it. Thanks for sharing this. It makes me think! 🙂


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