Decorative Paving (PPAC #64)

More art from the Getty Villa in Malibu. Admissions are free and you will find art in every part of the building — even on the ground.

…also don’t forget to check out the Getty’s antiquities collection of Roman, Greek, and Etruscan art…but honestly, I preferred admiring the art outside even if it isn’t so obvious with a label.

Zooming in on the ground…

Zooming out from the second floor. What a lovely little area.

This week at work has been so busy. It’s the first week of university and my supervisor has been out on emergency leave all week. On Tuesday, my other office-mate was out for the day because he had to take his mom to urgent care. I’ve holding the fort for most of the week handling a lot of students. Here is to hoping for a smoother week.

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