Caballero Canyon Santa Monica Mountains

Weekly Coffee Share: A Mini-Vacation

If we were having coffee, I’d serve Iced Raspberry Lattes at home. This is my favorite post because it’s an opportunity just write about anything in one post.

My first guest post! I did my first guest post for The Cappuccino Traveler featuring one of my favorite coffee places in LA. Go check it out!

Cacao latte and churros

Turning over. This summer has been the busiest summer for me work-wise. Last week, our intern ended her practicum and in another week, my coworker is leaving her post. I do confess, I did have moments when I butt heads with my co-worker. I got along with her most days, but when it came to confrontation all I got defense, defense, and “I don’t have any experience in [fill in the blank].” In a lot of jobs I’ve had, if I encounter something I am not familiar with whether it’s a skill on Excel, a product, or troubleshoot something, I researched how to do it and tried it myself. I kid you not, I had a former coworker who has a Master’s degree who did not know how to do Microsoft Excel. My supervisor asked me to give my former coworker an Excel training. In retrospect, I should have e-mailed YouTube how-to videos to save myself the time. I’ve been trained since my university days to research and use your resources — Youtube, forums, and overall the Internet has opened up A LOT of doors for me try different things. Public universities for the win.

Mini-vacation. On Friday, I took a well-needed day-off. I urge people instead of calling it a “mental health break” to call it something else. I hated it when anybody said “do you need a few hours for a ‘mental health break’?” It’s a silly question; we all deserve time off at anytime to pursue an extra day of meaningful activities in life, not because you’re overworked.

Caballero Canyon Santa Monica Mountains
I used my day off to explore a trail not too far from the bustle of the San Fernando Valley (Hike #31 coming soon!)

For me, I am going to stick with calling it a “mini-vacation”. It’s simple. Mini because it’s a day here, a day there. I stay local and I use that day off to go to places I would normally go on a weekend such a brunch spot or a hiking trail, but on my mini-vacation day it’s far less crowded.

Took the plunge. I took the plunge, I bought tickets to “Hamilton” at the Pantages. This was after days of deciding too. I also consulted with people if I should buy the tickets. Note to self: Don’t consult. Everyone has different opinions on what is worth spending. The replies I got back was “I would never pay this much to go see a play”. Sidenote: These are people who justify paying thousands of dollars on a designer purse, a nice car, closet of designer clothes, etc. Maybe reaching out to them was not a great idea; clearly, designer clothes and shoes are meaningful for them, while tickets to a highly accoladed musical is meaningful for me.

What’s up for this week?

One of the committees I am part of got a nice sponsorship. I received the e-mail on Friday. I look forward to reaching out to them to see what this entails. I’ve been part of this committee since the inception of this chapter — to be one of the three chapters in whole world to be chosen for this sponsorship is huge honor. My efforts and contributions has paid off, and in return being part of this committee has helped me blossomed professionally. I was initially part of this committee because of my event planning skills, I never thought this skill would bring me so far.

At work, we are doing a 6-week healthy habits lifestyle challenge. Each day from Monday to Friday, we need to eat 2.5 cups of vegetables, 1.5 cups of fruit, 64 ounces of water, and do 30 minutes of exercise. I have no issues with exercising and drinking water, but the fruit and veggie consumption will be challenging. To help catalyze my consumption, I make myself green smoothies for breakfast. Last week, I had a green smoothie 4 out of the 5 days. I’m not sure if I am able to keep up drinking only green smoothies for breakfast each morning for the remaining 5 weeks. I enjoy switching my breakfast foods around. Maybe I’d like to make myself a Florentine omelette — it’s got spinach!

Julie Weekend Coffee Share

Credit: The Smushed Peach

Interested in participating in the Weekend Coffee Share yourself? Come on over to Nerd in the Brain for more details! Check out the link party page or this wordpress tag for inspiration.

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