Week 11: Packing for my trip

Week 11: What’s in my backpack?

My trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon is happening in a couple of weeks. This post could not happen in a more timely manner because I need to get organized and start packing!

The last time I went to Sequoia was back in 2012 with a few friends. We backpacked 4 miles up a mountain and made camp by this lake. It was beautiful to have this crystal clear lake as our front yard for a few days.

What am I packing in my backpack?

packing list osprey

Backpack: Osprey from REI

packing list

There’s another backpack I’ll pack: this little daypack for our day trips from Outdoor Products. It’s been my standby for my 52 Hike Challenge since the beginning of the year. As you can see, Teddy is sniffing through my daypack because I have…

packing list

…loads and loads of snacks! These are not for you, Teddy — and for any dog!

I love RXBars! I always carry these on my hiking trips because they’re delicious. I can’t wait to share these with my friends!

Then there’s trail mix and dried fruits — more staple snacks for my hikes.

packing list

Teddy insists to be in the photoshoot. I mean comes he back again. This is good. Teddy clearly markets to me (and to the blog) that modeling is one of his skills.

Of course in my backpack, I pack dog treats during the hikes. It keeps them motivated

Notes to self: I need to buy another bag of dental chews. Not pictured is their dog food and Teddy’s camera bashful brother, Koda.

packing list

Beauty products — as you can see I use them. Starting with the Garden Godess Suncreen and clockwise:

packing list

More beauty products to pack:

packing list

For entertainment, I will pack the Exploding Kittens Card game. It’s been a hit in parties and it’s easy to pack.

I will also pack a bullet journal to record any inspiration and collect stickers and other memorabilla. I picked up this paperback book at a used bookstore a couple of days ago. I got this because I like Kashuo Ishiguro and it’s paperback so it’s easy to travel with.

This is clearly not everything for the camping trip. After reviewing the photos, I did not picture my lavender oil — which is effective in getting rid of bug bites, bug spray, sleeping bag, tent, and food.

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Who else is doing the challenge?

Interested in participating in the Weekly Travel Blogging Challenge? Feel free to make your own today!

12 thoughts on “Week 11: Packing for my trip”

  1. Great list!!! You’re definitely super prepared on your camping trips. I bring very minimal beauty products so in that sense, you’re even better of a packer than me. lol.

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