The Apple cultivar so far…

I’ve taken plenty of photos of apples in many forms from hard ciders to salads. They’re in the media gallery just waiting to be shared. Rather than put all the photos into one post, maybe it’s best to divide it up. For this post, I want to focus on some of the cultivars I’ve tried so far.

I mentioned that whenever apple season rolls around, I like to try all kinds of cultivar. It’s one of my many “quirky” traditions to celebrate the changing of seasons. It’s like how in January people give up alcohol for a month after a bacchanal holiday season. Or how some people’s go to Starbucks to buy a pumpkin spice latte to welcome autumn. My pumpkin spice latte is just eating different apples. I do enjoy the very occasional PSL at Dunkin’ however. Los Angeles not really have seasons so I make mines up. Do you have any “quirky” traditions?

Anyways here are some apple cultivars I’ve had so far this month:

apples lined up in a row granny smith apple gala apple lemonade apple
From left to right: Granny Smith, Gala, and Lemonade

Granny Smiths are my favorite apple — even raw. I do like tart things. Gala apple is another favorite and is incredible versatile as it does pretty well in baking

I came across the Lemonade apple at Sprouts Market. The name kind of stood out. Is it an apple dipped in lemonade? According to the product website it is a crossbreed of a Gala and Braeburn apple. I definitely do taste the Gala. Also a distinct feature I noticed was long the apple looked.

baby holding gravenstein apple
Lana with a tiny Gravenstein apple

Yesterday we went to Oak Glen out in Riverside County for the Apple Festival. I was under the impression that the farms were open for apple picking. They were not. Actually these farms are pretty small, I don’t think they have the volume for people picking apples from September to the end of November. It’s more like the businesses in that town were open for the season selling apple-related products like ciders, apple flavored BBQ sauce, and of course, bags of apples. In one of the farms, one of the people who worked there gave my kid a tiny Gravenstein apple. The inside is soft almost like a pear.

lucy rose apple
Lucy Rose apple

I bought this Lucy Rose apple last year and it deserves a special mention. I believe this was from Sprouts. On the outside, it looks like a gala apple, but on the inside it was lovely rose color like a plum. It’s tastes just as good as it looks. The first time I had it, I thought it was a defect.

What is your favorite apple cultivar? Comment or participate in “Eat Around the World”! See details below!

“Eat around the World is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. The theme for September is apples. All themes are open to interpretation. Cooking skills are not required to participate. You could post a photo of a dish you made or a dish you enjoyed at a restaurant or someone’s house as long as it pertains to the theme. To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” Deadline is September 30th.

9 thoughts on “The Apple cultivar so far…”

  1. Hi Julie! Wow it’s my first time to see Lemonade apple and Lucy Rose Apple😍 Wanna try it soon😋 I usually eat Fuji🍎 for dessert, and Granny Smith🍏 for baking…And to my surprise, apples in the US is perfect for single serving unlike everything else is so huge here😂. In Japan apples are huge, so I remember my mom cut them in rabbit shape and add them in my lunch box!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes that’s exactly what I was talking about! I think this is the original version of character-bento (キャラ弁)👍 We grew up bringing them in our lunch box when we were kids, making these to boyfriend’s bento when we start dating, and again, making them to our kids🤣🍎🍏🐰


  2. We eat & use Granny Smith’s a lot too – I also like tart things!
    I don’t buy Galas much because the ones we get in Singapore are inconsistent – sometimes they are very mealy, which I don’t like at all.
    Lemonade apples – wow! sounds so exiting! I have never had these before.

    Lana is adorable.
    Am not sure I would like the Gravenstein at all though – the idea of a soft apple is just not appealing.

    My new apple learning this week is Boiled Cider – I had never heard of it before; after all the reading up, I feel like I have to have some!!! But as we cannot purchase it here, I will have to make it if I want it. Have you had Boiled Cider before?

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    1. No I have not had boiled cider. I looked how it’s made and it would have been great alternative to the caramel toppings for this cake I recently made. Maybe I’ll do that for attempt #2 for a tarte tartine. Instead of the caramel base, maybe a boiled cider base.


      1. I can’t get a hold of fresh cider in Singapore, so I boiled down apple juice. It took a while but the result was delicious! And it made a huge difference in the brown sugar frosting I made to go with the apple cake.


  3. I think it’s wonderful to eat by the season. Apples represent fall to me, maybe because they grow everywhere around me?
    Speaking of quirky traditions, I don’t drink much alcohol, so giving that up in January wouldn’t be any different from any other month, BUT in January I give up drinking coffee for a month. That is hard! During fall, leading up to Christmas I always, without thinking about it, drink more and more coffee. It’s very dark, makes me tired =more coffee. There’s lots of things to finish at work, school, and Christmas prep = more coffee. January is the time to decaffeinate and I try to do it by starting my day with matcha tea, and fruit. When I get back to work after Christmas break, around the 10th every January I have tons of energy. Come February I allow myself one cup of coffee a day, because I do love coffee. ❤

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    1. I’m not sure where dry January came from. I do like the tradition of no caffeine January. How do you make your matcha? Do you add milk or do you drink it plain? Maybe I’m not making it right because sometimes it tastes bitter.


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