Lens-Artists Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

This week’s Lens-Artists challenge is to explore and try out different blog challenges. I always enjoy a good blog challenge to connect with other bloggers, go through old photos that are in my hard drive and make its way to my blog, and exercise my creative muscles. I always love a good mix of writing and photography. Here are some blog challenges I participated in:

  1. Lens-Artists Challenge – A photo challenge hosted by a different blogger each week. The prompts are fun and outside the box.
  2. Weekend Coffee Share (Hosted by Natalie the Explorer) – A casual post to reflect on the week.
  3. Photographing Public Art Challenge (Co-hosted by Marsha from Always Write) – A weekly post where we share public art in different parts of world. I have so many photos of public art and so many photos of me being goofy with it.
  4. #Whatsonyourbookshelf challenge (Co-hosted by by DonnaSueJo and Debbie) – A monthly challenge where we share books we read over the past month.
  5. Last on the Card Challenge (Hosted by Bushboy) – This one is so much fun. You share whatever is the last photo from the previous month unedited. Nowadays, a lot of it features my kid — life of a new mom.
  6. Changing Seasons (co-hosted by Bushboy and Ju-Lyn) – I find this one a challenge because Los Angeles does not have seasons. I base the “seasons” on the events we have like light festivals signals it’s Christmas, Lana’s birthday signals the final months of the year kicking off the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), or attending barbeques (pre-COVID of course) signals summer time.
  7. Eat Around the World (hosted by me) – I created this food and writing challenge as an excuse to post more photos of food. I am a forever homecook-in-training and aspiring food seeker. Each month I introduce a theme where I try to experiment with different recipes (or try dishes at different restaurants) around that theme. I also want an excuse to dine at different restaurants! Admittedly in the ideal world I would like to make stuff all the time, but the truth is, I get tired and burnt out from life. Plus I don’t have a lot of kitchen space. Like last month for cookies I was too burnt out from work and in-law life to make cookies, but I used the opportunity to go out and try different cookies at different bakeries. This month’s theme for Eat Around the World is Salad where I get to play with different salad recipes throughout January.

Now as for other challenges to try…

Thursday Doors (Hosted by Dan from No Facilities)

A door somewhere in Paso Robles

Cellpic Sunday (hosted by John from Journeys with Johnbo)

Flower of the Day Challenge (hosted by Cee Neuner from Cee’s Photo Challenges)

Sky Watch Friday (hosted by Skyley)

In Zion, Utah

Water, Water, Everywhere (hosted by Jez from Photos by Jez)

Tahoe 2014
Me in Lake Tahoe

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6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #181 – Double Dipping”

  1. This is a great wrap-up of challenges that are out there Julie! I’ve participated in many of them over the years (and still do) and love the variety and the way it helps bloggers connect. Thanks for the mention of our monthly What’s on Your Bookshelf challenge – hope to see others join us!


  2. I’m saving a link to your post because it’s a terrific review of some of the excellent challenges out there. Special thanks for the lovely nod to Lens-Artists. I worried that this one would not be well-received because it took a bit of extra work but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Beautiful images and a great review of what’s out there for the rest of us!


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