Let’s paint the neighborhood (PPAC #63)

I took a photo of this utlity box art when I was sitting traffic. I left work a little later because I had to add air to tires. I left late and it took me a longer time to get to daycare to pick up my kid. Thankfully, I arrive before it closed so I don’t have to worry about a late fee.

The sign on the utility box says “Let’s Paint Sherman Oaks.” Naturally, I had to look it up on Google and I learned that it is a non-profit that is behind all the painted utility boxes in the neighborhood. I always wanted to find out what it took to a paint a box — not that I would paint it myself. I am not artist…But maybe I would sponsor a box and propose a propose design? It’s a thought :-).

PPAC #63

6 thoughts on “Let’s paint the neighborhood (PPAC #63)”

  1. How cute. I was wondering about cities that have painted boxes. Ours are so dull. It would be great to have a non-profit take over that job. I wonder what it costs to sponsor a box. That is a great idea, Julie. I hope you can do it. I’m assuming you got home safely since you posted this box. 🙂 Sorry about your tires and your late day. Have a great weekend.


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