Here are more elephants (PPAC #48)

Another dreamy mural featuring elephants. You’ll find this mural at the side of an Indian restaurant called India’s Clay Pit in North Hollywood. I have not been to this restaurant yet because every time I pass by this restaurant, it’s too early in the morning to eat a heavy meal and they’re not open yet. Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I eat A LOT. Aside from this pretty mural, the high reviews and food photos are enough for me to try it out.

For more elephant murals, check out this one near my neighborhood.

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4 thoughts on “Here are more elephants (PPAC #48)”

  1. Dreamy is a great description, Julie. In reality, they are probably kicking up the dust as they walk. But both murals are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been there. Most of the time I visited Los Angeles, I stayed in Sherman Oaks with a dear friend who was a Holocaust Survivor. We ate in a Jewish deli or a Mediterranean restaurant. I forget the others.


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