Naptime is an indulgence

My husband came back home on Tuesday. He is COVID and pneumonia-free since he spent most of his annual training in quarantine. Today he and Lana are going out to a car meet with a few friends. I was supposed to join them but our pets had a vet appointment today. On the bright side, it is kind of refreshing to be by myself and not have to entertain my kid every second of every day — it is a much-needed respite. The only thing I have on the schedule today is taking my dogs to the vet and nothing else after that. As I mentioned before, it was getting really hard when my husband was away for training so long. Don’t get me wrong! I love my kid but it can be overstimulating. My free day after the vet appointment would be a trip to the gym, go grocery shopping, taking a nap, and binge-watching The Mindy Project instead of the Baby Shark channel. How indulgent!

Aside from exercising to melt the stress away from the past month, I lessened my engagement with social media. On my social media, I have people who are single moms who glamourize their situation: they go to amusement parks or the beach on a Wednesday morning because they can, wear matching clothes, have photoshoots with their children in said matching clothes, show off their kid’s stocked mini-fridge, go to nice restaurants, share their latest culinary mother-kid collaboration in the kitchen, and they still have a lot of time to go to the gym, etc. At the time I thought I could do fun stuff while my husband was away, but then I got very tired. I even planned out my weekends in July to do fun stuff like go to the aquarium and explore different neighborhoods and squeeze in a few house projects. But really most of my weekends were used to recover from the week. Throughout the month I kept wondering if it was a miscalculation to take a new job where I am still trying to accrue PTO and pass probation. If I was at my old job, I would have had enough paid time off to take Lana and me on a proper vacation for two weeks. (Spoiler alert: After some time, I am glad I left my old job. More on that in a bit.)

I Chose to move on

On Monday there was a fundraiser event hosted by my old job. To show my support, I made my way there (Lana was my plus one). It was nice to see everyone, but I realized it was good that I moved on to the next thing. I forgot there was so much favoritism at work (plus cliques and tribalism) that I believe if I stayed long enough at that job it would have stunted my professional development. I refuse to be part of or contribute to that type of work environment.

Loving Lately:

I’ve been the instant cold brew from Trader Joe’s. We need to take a break from using our kettle at the office. It’s just too hot to have hot water but we need our coffee!

We re-arranged the furniture in our living room. This section of the house looks so much better. I have a bunch of art I’ve accumulated from my travels laying around. With this new arrangement, there is more wall space to display more art.

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5 thoughts on “Naptime is an indulgence”

  1. I do not miss the cliques at work. I am retired and have been thinking about those cliques lately and wondering how/why I didn’t fit into one of them. I am a loner, though and I wasn’t interested in their little get togethers.


    1. I don’t miss clique either. I am all for friendship and support at work, they’re bringing in their yes-people and don’t care for talent (or responsible workers for that matter) then quickly becomes an unprofessional environment. In my last job, I felt like I was a the referee to prevent perceptions of favoritism. But I was a middle manager and the favoritism happened higher than my position. I hated explaining to my subordinates why the people above me went with that direction. It was quite exhausting.


  2. Less time on social media for the win!! Glad you had a bit of time to yourself…here’s to starting the week refreshed!


  3. I am so glad you are making time & space for yourself – this is particularly difficult when you have a young child. Hope you have a good rest of your week – be well.


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