Choose what helps you bloom (PPAC #62)

Another piece of art on a utility box.

I’ll be keeping this week’s post pretty short. We’ve been trying to keep cool considering we don’t have central AC — just box AC in my room and BIL’s room — so Lana has been sleeping in our room for the past few nights. Usually, Lana’s room is the coolest part of the house, but it’s been so hot. We’ve been planning out a few house projects to help keep our house cool such as putting film tint for the east-facing windows, buying supplies for the shade structure project, and installing a whole house fan. Call us crazy, but we’re looking into getting these finished within a month. I know summer will be over by then but at least we can mitigate future heat waves. Hopefully next year we’ll get central AC.

PPAC #62

4 thoughts on “Choose what helps you bloom (PPAC #62)”

  1. Wow, Julie, Los Angeles sounds more like the Central Valley this year temperature-wise. Sacramento was hotter than Needles one day – crazy heat in California where it is usually a bit cooler than where we were. The picture is lovely, though. It definitely doesn’t sound crazy to try to keep as cool as possible. Drink lots of water!

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