What a week!

If we were having coffee, here is what I’d share that I’m…

Dealing with HFMD (hand-foot-and-mouth disease)

On Monday morning I got a call from daycare that Lana has little spots around her legs and arms and blisters in her mouth. She said it’s highly likely it’s hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Since I was at work, I called my husband because he did not leave home for work yet. My husband has been doing a lot of overtime for the last several weeks, so it’s been taking a toll on him where he’s been starting his day a lot later. My husband picked Lana up and took her to urgent care. After a trip to urgent care, he worked from home.

HFMD is highly contagious among very young children. In fact, several of her classmates are out for the week too. The spots on legs her and arms are not itchy like chicken pox. I’d say it looked like she had a cold with a constantly runny nose. The worst part of HFMD is the blisters in her mouth making eating really uncomfortable. And having Lana stay home all week must have been a real drag for her since she is so used to being out and about.

That week my husband and I took turns doing remote work while watching her; he took Monday and Wednesday while I took Tuesday and Thursday. My husband got this past Friday off due to his work 9 – 80 work schedule. We are in a fortunate position where our jobs could allow us to do remote work at least once a week but our jobs could never be fully remote. I do think about all the other parents who do NOT have the option to work remote; it’s either you have to find another person who could care for your kid while they’re sick, use your sick days or PTO, or if you do not have enough paid days off (or if your job does not offer paid time off) then you just deal with having a smaller paycheck.

In my last job I only worked remote a handful of times because they made the option very difficult. Even if I ask to work remote for one day, my supervisor had to ask permission from her supervisor to get it approved.

Anyways as of yesterday (Saturday), she is much better. We are spending our weekend going to a couple of street fairs and of course, her dance class.

…and in other news, I passed my work probation.

Loving lately….

The Sandman series from Netflix. The graphic novel has been on my TBR for a long time.

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