Week 15: Focus on the present and what is good

Week 15: Travel Regrets

My travel regret is to have never done a study abroad whether it was a yearlong or even a week. This is a MAJOR thing I wished I changed in my twenties. At the time I was working as a waitress to pay for the school items, rent, entertainment, clothes, and whatever my financial aid could not cover. If I could afford to take an (unpaid) internship even if it’s 8 hours per week, I would.

And ugh…the biggest one was…at the time I was in an on-and-off relationship that should have ended 2 months in my sophomore year but lasted for an awful, tumultuous 2 years. That was a waste of time. Once I broke free, I enjoyed the remainder of what was left of my university years. All the things I did before dating that guy were on hiatus. Before that guy, I went to France, Japan, Canada, and 24 of the states in the U.S. and wanted to go to more.

If I were to turn back the clock to my freshmen year, I would not mind being single and NOT dating anybody all four years. I’d be happier and I would not have to “stay put” to fix anything. Maybe I would have traveled abroad during my college years even if it means my diet would consist of only ramen noodles, spinach, and apples.

Instead wistfully thinking of all the things I could have done right during my university years, I am going to focus on the present and what is good.

After university, I was lucky I found a full-time professional job two weeks after graduation.  It was 2009 and we were still in the recession. There were not a lot of entry level professional jobs at the time. It looks like my superpower was that I knew people and these people I worked well. I knew people who boasted extensive resume of internships during their university years who still could not find a job for a year after graduation.

Also of course through my 20s I traveled a fair amount. I went to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, and in November I’m going to Iceland. I’ve revisited a lot of national parks, camped out a few nights, revisited San Francisco and Seattle many times over, and oh yeah…we went to Portland.

I may have not had that dream university experience but that is ok. After college, I worked really hard to get that life I wanted and it was more than I ever ask for. Maybe that is why I am ambivalent about grad school. I am simply enjoying life.


Status on grad school? About that, I applied and they asked for letters of recommendations and I could start in spring. For me, it gave me some time to incubate my thoughts. Between July to now, I was so exhausted with my work travel and the feel of being pulled in so many directions. I barely gave it any thought. In fact, I realized with my work load at that time, how would I dedicate my time to school if I am feeling so burnt out all the time? I plan to continue to work full-time while doing my Master’s, but my concern is what if I’m not too putting in my all because I’m tired all the time.

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