The Umpteenth time is a charm

Happy July and it welcomed us with surprisingly cool weather. June was eventful in a tense way and it felt like it took a long time to complete the month BIL #2 moved out, Teddy had a lot of his teeth taken out, and it’s been incredibly hot. Then June ended with Lana getting croup. I had to ask BIL #1 to not smoke near the house to support Lana’s recovery. I’m not sure for how long he’ll have to do this, let’s just say it’s going to be for a while. I did weigh my options: I could have bought an air purifier or bought more indoor plants (to only be killed in a few weeks). But I thought asking BIL #1 to not smoke near the house was the most cost effective direction. Since then he’s been spending his days out of the house (side note: he could have just worked on quitting). I hate to admit this, but the house has been smelling better.

Yesterday we went to the beach with my parents and sisters. It was nice, we spent the day mostly lounging and walking. We hope being at the beach helped with Lana’s croup.

Home garden update
My little tomatoes are producing. I’ve never had any success taking care of tomatoes in the past and I worried that my tomatoes would die off because it’s been so hot. I placed it somewhere in my backyard where it would get occasional shade throughout the day so it would not get scalded by the sun.

Speaking of growth, the pink tabebuia tree is experiencing a growth spurt. I got this tree last year from a neighbor. It was basically a small stick. In its first year, I thought it was dead since nothing happened to it. But this year it’s producing a lot of leaves. I hope next spring it produces flowers.

I just added more plants. I got a big leaf hydrangea and placed in front of the house where it gets good amount of morning sun. Hydrangeas do require a lot of water — it is in the name after all. I’m not sure if it will survive this summer but I am still up for the challenge. I would also like to get a panicle hydrangea since I hear it the most sun tolerant.

I also bought a dill plant because I’ve been enjoying this dish call Sheveed Polo. This dish made me want to keep dill around all year long.

Occasionally we have this neighborhood chicken come to the front yard. It’s kind of cute. It’s even cuter that it helps with pest control and scatter some free fertilizer while it’s at it.

This week’s botanical garden walk

Instead of the weekly UCLA Botanical Gardens, I wanted to feature the South Coast Botanical Gardens in Torrance. We went last Sunday because we wanted to escape the heat for a few hours. Featured in this garden walk are a couple of topiaries of flamingos and bunnies. There is also a lovely display of succulents on a large set of butterfly wings.

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5 thoughts on “The Umpteenth time is a charm”

  1. Hi Julie,
    I think I’m lucky in that both my mom and wife refused to allow anyone to smoke in our home.
    You’ve been though a rough month, actually a few if I recall correctly, and you are likely still settling into your new job.
    I applaud you for keeping sane and progressing .


  2. Hope Lana, you & your husband are all better from your various illnesses … it must have been so tough to have to nurse yourself & them as well! It certainly must have been a harrowing June for you … hopefully things will be better now.

    Thank you for sharing the bounty & beauty of your garden, and your botanical explorations! Hope July is cooling down some!


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