We’re already planning for summer travel

And just like that: it’s February! Usually, I draft my weekend coffee share throughout the week (snippets here and there) but it’s been so busy. I didn’t even do my daily writing for two days! Do I set aside a couple of hours to write to make it up? I’ll not worry about that and move on.

Travel plans

It’s official we are going to France in June! Travel planning has been taking a lot of my time this week. My husband and his friend are planning the trip and they’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed looking for lodging and airline tickets because it’s going to be an expensive trip. Inevitably it will be an expensive trip because we are going to France in high season. I recently took it over because apparently “I am really good” at finding travel deals. I did find plane tickets at a great price for the high travel season. I reached out to other people who travel in the summer (generally people with kids) to give me feedback if I was getting a good price for this plane ticket and they confirmed it was. Generally, I avoid traveling during high season but there’s this special event happening June and H has been planning (in his head :-P) to go for years.

Being “really good” at finding travel deals isn’t magic. I wish it was. I think I am just good at being diligent.

Cookbook Book Club

The Cookbook Book club is going well. My favorite part is when we post photos of our creations from the book and share what we did. The hard part is deciding what book to try next.

Things I’ve been enjoying lately

How I Met Your Father – I enjoy it more than “How I Met Your Mother.” One detail I appreciate from HIMYF is that they show the characters struggling in a high-cost-of-living area which HIMYM hardly addressed.

“Pod Meets World” podcast hosted by Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong. At first, I thought “really? A podcast about a show from the 90s through the 2000s?” I really enjoyed the show growing up. The premise is that the hosts watch every episode of BMW and provide commentary on reflections and behind-the-scenes moments. I haven’t listened to any of the rewatches, but I’ve been listening to the interviews with the actors who at one point (or multiple seasons) appeared on the show.

– Weight machines – It’s been a very long time since I’ve used any weight machines at the gym. I usually don’t like to use them because they’re always occupied and I hate waiting around. I decided I should be more flexible to find whatever is available at the moment, do a few reps, and move on to the cardio machines (my go-to’s are the elliptical and rowing machines). Also, there was a time I feared becoming bulky from using weights but strength training is really important as we age to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and maintain muscle mass.

Weekend Coffee Share

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13 thoughts on “We’re already planning for summer travel”

  1. February makes me think of summer as well 🙂 I’ve had such a busy year, with many changes, and one more change to come (moving,) that all I really want is a staycation. I want to read books (go my choice-not school books,) garden, go for bike rides, and feel the non-existing pressure of being without a schedule.
    Have a wonderful new week!

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  2. Wow, a trip to France, how fun! I can totally imagine June being high travel season. Google Flights usually can help with locating the cheapest airfare and I usually find lodging using Google maps, it has more options than any site combined.
    My mom wants me to accompany her to Japan in May but I’m not willing to take 20 days from work when I have no back up person to help with my work during my absence.

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    1. Oh wow, 20 days is a very long time. Plus it seems so short notice. I am already working on my work plan for my office when I am gone for two weeks. When I leave for vacation, it is finals week at the university and it’s also the start of a lot of summer programs. It may be a busy time!

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      1. I’m not even sure if I can afford even one week off at this point. Work is quite chaotic and it’s always so crazy busy that if I fall behind, it’ll take a long time to get caught up.


  3. Yay for vacation! I hate traveling in the high season too (something we’ve only had to do these past couple years as my middle son went into high school) and I miss the prices and the lack of crowds traveling during he off season so much. This summer we’re planning a trip to Shenandoah National Park.

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    1. Last year when I was planning a trip with my friends, one of the contenders was traveling around the mid-Atlantic. If we went forward with that itinerary, we would have gone to Shenandoah. It looks so pretty! We wanted to go somewhere to admire the autumn leaves…not that California DOESN’T have autumn leaves.


  4. That is so exciting you have a trip to France planned. It is not too far away for you, just a few more months. It can be more expensive and crowded during high season but sometimes that is really the time you want to go. I agree with you on weights. Strength training can be a way to keep up fitness even if it is just lifting light weights.

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