It was not a difficult decision after all

Happy Sunday! I know I am posting late again. I am writing from a local desserts cafe while my husband and Lana are off at the mall doing an act doing a team-building thing with the robotics team. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged from somewhere that was either not my house or during my lunch break at work. It’s a nice change of scenery. I forgot how much I enjoyed this.

A Pledge to move more

I am enjoying the longer daylight. It’s nice to arrive home and still see the sun out at 6:30 PM. I’ve been walking my dogs as soon as I get home from work, taking advantage of the longer daylight. It’s great for my pets and it’s great for me since I spend a lot of my day sitting.

Found on my neighborhood walk: Loquats waiting to ripen.

Speaking of sitting a lot, I have not been exercising every day like I used to. I’ve only been exercising on the weekends at the gym. Before a lot of my exercise was done at home through Youtube videos where I would do cardio dance, yoga, pilates, step aerobics — whatever I could find. I would do Youtube exercise videos during the workweek and go to the gym on the weekends. I decided to stop doing YouTube exercise videos because I wanted a break. I think I missed going to the gym. Also, I got tired of waking up early to fit in 45-minute exercises first thing in the morning. Lately, my back has been hurting, I suspect it is from a lack of exercise so I decided to get back to making exercise a priority in my daily life even if it’s a brief 10 minutes — it’s a start. Or maybe I should just get back to waking up earlier…

“I’m staying here”

March was when BIL #2 was hoping to move back to San Diego because that’s what his sister initially wanted. But my SIL decided to she wanted to stay in Orange County permanently and there’s nothing wrong with that — she likes her life there. What I find messed up was that everyone (BIL #1, BIL#2, and MIL) was counting on her to find a place back in San Diego. They want her to continue to become a primary provider like how it was for many years. She’s a great person, a wonderful provider who has provided them everything they’ve wanted and enjoyed: newer larger TVs almost every year, nice clothes and shoes, a large fridge with an abundance of food, etc. But I’ve seen her break herself where she had to work three jobs. Oh yeah, did I mention she is also raising her toddler son? I don’t think my SIL wants to go back to that old life. I don’t blame her.

How we are dealing with BIL #1 and BIL #2? Well they know we don’t give them what they want. And our fiscal prudence is driving them crazy. We’ve had the same TV for the past three years. The previous TV we had was for five years. They want a bigger fridge, but the fridge we’ve had for the past seven years works fine. Last year the fridge handle broke and I fixed it. See? No need for a new fridge! Also, they don’t like what we eat. Last week, my husband and I had to go buy a new bag of rice. My husband decided instead of white rice, we should switch to brown rice. I asked him back, “shouldn’t this be a household decision because we all eat the rice. We should at least let your brothers know we are making the switch.” My husband replied if they don’t like brown rice, then they need to deal with it.

March Madness of job interviews update

It is all good news but I find it all so overwhelming. I don’t want to share just yet because I may come off as indecisive. Instead, I want to reflect on what I want and decide what I believe is best for me. I’ll share more later and maybe I’ll come out of it saying it was not a difficult decision after all.

Things that invigorated me this month?

  1. Series of job interviews and actually going through them after many months of declining the opportunities. I confess saying “no” to job interviews made me feel like a badass. I felt like I was at a point in my career where I could be selective about my work. But I’ll admit, it was refreshing to finally say “yes” to the opportunities that came my way as of lately.
  2. Hitting up old friends and contacts
  3. Donating old stuff weekly – I use to find donating stuff a daunting task. But as of lately, I’ve been donating a small box of old stuff (i.e. baby clothes, kitchen items) per week making decluttering more manageable.
  4. Gardening – I’m surprised I was able to find time to garden this past month. Instead of trying to work on the entire front yard and get burnt out midway and neglect the front yard, I decided to work in pieces. This past month I’ve been doing a “flower
  5. Treats – There is nothing wrong with treating yourself. I know I’ve been known to be comically frugal, but I do enjoy the occasional treat after accomplishing something big like a major work project.
  6. Off-loading- I got a stroller wagon because I got tired of carrying my kid everywhere. It’s been straining my back. Plus it does not help that I have not been exercising lately. Also, after many years of carrying either a backpack or a large tote bag, I have decided to convert to a smaller bag as my main carry for most days. I still use the tote bag on the weekends when we go somewhere and I pack diapers and other baby stuff.

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14 thoughts on “It was not a difficult decision after all”

  1. Thank you for joining us at the Word of the Year Link Up.
    I am a big believer in 10 minute exercise sessions. When that’s the only time that you have, and you use them well, it is incredible what can be accomplished in this short period of time — especially when you keep it up regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. At first I was skeptical because it’s so short but I wanted to do it because it’s something. I decided my mini-exercises will be short bursts of cardio and it has made a difference in my day.


  2. Comically frugal!! Oh man this spoke to me. We had repaired our 14 year old dishwasher 4 times and this time we decided to bite the bullet and finally get a new one. I too have been off the exercise wagon lately and so I am also trying to start small and get back at it. Take care. Bernie

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hope your back improves Julie and the small amounts of exercise work for you – it’s a start and you’re taking steps so that’s good. Lots going on and I agree a change of scenery is a great feeling. Thanks for joining us for WOTY.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m with you on the moving more. I’m going to start a challenge with a gal I follow on IG starting April 1st. I’m hoping it is the kick in the rear that I need. I’m sorry about the family situation. Family can sure be messy sometimes. I have one of those “messy” ones too. :/ Oh your list of things that invigorated you was wonderful. They would invigorate me too. Have a great week. See you next week for another catch up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck on your exercise challenge! Family can be hard but I think by now they know they can’t get what they want for the sake of being family. They know we live a different lifestyle and we’re not going to change.


  5. Hi Julie.
    I’m so proud of you and your husband for this series of decisions. You know I’ve expressed opinions about your BIL’s and think almost wherever they went has to be an improvement on your home life as long as they were no longer living off of your and your husband work.
    I could rattle on about this – but will spare you from what I feel is more rant-worthy that practical feedback. You don’t need it.
    I’m looking forward to you sharing how you finally decided (the thought process is often more interesting than the final decision.
    All the best with your new, larger, quieter and less expensive same old home. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. How should I word this? Well it’s a win for us because we’re not expending too much to give them the lifestyle they want and it’s a win for them because they have a roof over their heads (albeit not as lavish as they hoped).

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