I’m thankful for the blogging community

Happy Thanksgiving! First of all, I would like to say I am thankful for the blogging community. I’ve blogged for a long time and went on an intermittent hiatus. It was shortly after I gave birth, I decided to return to blogging. I was hoping to make blogging a regular thing. I was not sure how I would do it, but I made it happen! I spend 30 minutes a day (more if it is on the weekend) doing something blogging-related whether it’s drafting a post, looking for a photo, making comments on other blogs, and replying to comments. I feel blogging has centered me during the most challenging times of my life. Though it has been tough for me to write and share about some things, it has helped me process and express the moment for I believe it will help me grow and become more resilient. Without blogging, I think I would have been in a darker place. I am happy to have found again this creative outlet.

Move update:

It is suppose to be my in-law’s final weekend living in the San Diego house. I came to learn that my SIL and MIL living in Orange County is going to be a temporary thing. They want to move back to San Diego by March. I’m not sure why… SIL has a remote job. That probably explains why last week there was this big push to move stuff to storage — they just needed a place to hold stuff until they can find a more permanent place that can take all that stuff.

BIL #2 moved in last weekend. Just like when BIL #1 moved in a year ago, he’s also unemployed but I blame their parents for infantilizing him. Yup, another family member to do a life rehabilitation. Note: BIL #1 now has a job and has been working there for the past ten months.

Thanksgiving dinner:

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It was simple. I made and brought a fruit tart. We took home a lot of leftovers. I used the turkey bones to make a turkey broth. So far, I have made ramen and rice porridge soup using the turkey broth. I enjoy playing with leftovers!

Not travelling for the holidays:

It was nice to not travel for the holidays. Every year we switched off between families — one year we would have Thanksgiving at my in-laws and Christmas my parent’s and it would switch the following year. But that’s under an ideal situation. Sometimes, my in-laws would guilt us to coming down for both holidays. This year we decided not go anywhere because we are exhausted. For years we wondered why the in-laws don’t make the trip up to LA for ANY holiday.

My husband learned that his mom doesn’t come over to our house because there is no food ready for her. When my husband shared me the truth-bomb, I replied, “what?” I could not believe what I was hearing. He repeated what he said and he added, “This annoying. She wants to come over because of food, not because of her grandchild.” My MIL never announces that she’s coming over. When I was less than two weeks post-partum, I decided I was going to take out my kid and dogs to the park. My husband was out running errands. When I opened the door to go out, I see my MIL and my two nephews at the front door making their first visit to see Lana. I was speechless and I felt like my spirit shrank. I was looking forward to go to park to enjoy some sunshine since I’ve been indoors for so many days. I wanted some sense of normalcy. Knowing what I know now that she came for food makes it so irritating.

I thought last year would have put me over the edge when she pushed me, my husband, and Lana to come down to San Diego for Thanksgiving. Keep in mind, I was about a month post-partum and Lana was a month old. Did my husband have the energy to drive? Also, to add, we were at the height of the pandemic. There was no vaccine readily available yet. I suggested, “if you really want to do an in-person Thanksgiving, we can have it here in LA. But I am also fine with a virtual Thanksgiving where we could videoconference our dinner.” My SIL said, “Mom said we might as well not have Thanksgiving at all.” Then she placated, “Look, mom is getting old. She does not have a lot of energy to drive.” My husband and I gave in and did Thanksgiving HER way, though we would argue that SIL could drive for her. Side note: My MIL did a road trip recently from San Diego to Seattle.

High note

Since I started this post on a high note, I would like to end this post on a high note too. After sharing Mocha on last week’s Weekend Coffee Share, I feel there was…dare I say it, a “Mocha-ssance.” I think I would be open for Mocha to travel again. I promise she will be washed and dry thoroughly before traveling. I need to work on an art project for Lana to show her all the places Mocha has traveled to. It could be a picture book so she sees that Mocha is off travelling. We just have to be sure she returns for Lana’s next doctor appointment.

Currently reading:

Watchmen by Alan Moore (borrowed from the library)

Orhan’s Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian (from the library)

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com


7 thoughts on “I’m thankful for the blogging community”

  1. I totally relate to you about blogging helping you get more resilient. I’ve had one blog or another ever since 2007 (or 2002 if you count my online diary that gradually morphed into a blog) and it’s definitely helped me through the darkest of times.

    As for your MIL coming over for the food, not your baby, that sounds so awful to hear.


  2. Hi Julie.

    I’ve never had a Mother-in-law as my wife’s mom passed away years before we were married.
    But there was plenty of other family malfunctions to sort through on both sides. I could, but won’t go on and on about all the weirdness we’ve dealt with, but they’re family and as such have a value our kids can’t get elsewhere.

    I recall too well how my own father malfunctioned when my mom passed away. Her absence just broke him and as much as we all loved him, he was making us nuts by showing up at our door unexpectedly just to be with some family – but we of course had plans or ideas of what we were going to do and it proved hard to keep him integrated until he found a new girl-friend. It was all so weird and troubling at the same time.

    For what it’s worth, I’d love to have him just show up at my door now for a few hours but he too passed away and life moved on without him.

    Hang in there.

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    1. Hello, Gary, I apologize for the late responses. I’ve been incredibly busy the last few weeks. I think that it’s a nice that your father would show up unexpectedly. At least you knew the reason why he would show up. I feel like my MIL was testing us to only tell us she does not like to come to our house because “we have no food.” Some households have toxic family culture (which I have not fully dove into) and the worst part is that people accept/tolerate these conditions.


      1. Hi Julie, Your responses are never late. They’re just welcomed. Besides, it is Christmas and all of our schedules are whacked and there’s not much any of us can do about it other than to enjoy the ride as much as possible.
        I hope your Christmas exceeded your hopes for a great time.


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