Hanging out at baggage claim for two hours

Now it’s my turn to go on vacation. Actually, the funny thing was that it was the other way around I planned a vacation first with my college friends and my husband decided to plan one with Lana around the same time. I realized I was going to miss out on seeing Lana experience her flight and her first long-distance trip. She will, however, experience the first time she’s been apart from me for more than 10 hours. Plus I will miss out on learning how to travel with a young child. At least my husband can tell me how it goes and we can plan better for the next trip (haha). I just learned we could pack the stroller which would have made getting around the airport so much easier. Plus it could have doubled as a wagon to hold our carryons and personal items.

I just landed in Austin and I am waiting for my friends to arrive. They’re coming from the Bay Area. In the meantime, I am at the seating area next to baggage claim writing this post to occupy my two hours.

I am so glad I bought the Trader Joe’s breakfast burrito yesterday. When I woke up at 2:30 AM, I heated it up for a little bit and ate that plus a banana on the bus to the airport. At the gates, I was reading to fight sleep and coffee. Throughout the entire flight, I slept and missed two rounds of refreshments from the flight attendants. The first things I ate when I landed in Austin is a danish and a coffee and now I feel like I can start my day. The danish is okay, I think it’s from Costco but it does the job.

This week I am gifting away some books. I am working on moving my shelf to another part of the house and I thought while I am at it, I should declutter the shelf by giving away books. When I travel, I pack books and I like to leave them in places such as a table at a cafe or the seat pocket on the bus. I just have this romantic idea that someone will pick up a book I left behind somewhere to read and they end up enjoying the book as much (or more) than I do. Or maybe they’ll find a children’s book I left on the bus and gift it to their kids.

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s coffee share. As soon as my friends and I meet up at the baggage claim, we’ll be renting a car and driving out to Houston. We thought to do the tough travel work at the beginning of our vacation and end the second half of our vacation in Austin.

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5 thoughts on “Hanging out at baggage claim for two hours”

  1. Hi Julie.
    You are very close to having an idea go viral. I could see the fad going something like a sticker on the inside cover that reads how this book is a temporary gift, intended to be read by someone then left in some public spot for re-gifting as you describe. It sounds like a fun idea.

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