You’re not made of Teflon

A month ago, my husband assigned a task to his brothers to come up with a budget based on the income they have if they were to live on their own. If they failed to deliver on this assignment, they would get the boot. It was the simplest assignment ever. It was an assignment I did in high school economics. My husband’s thought process was if they make a budget, they could see how much it would cost to live somewhere and from there it could push them to get better jobs to get them to move out.

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Door number 1, 2, and 3

** Warning: Long Post **

I just see a person

On Saturday my husband is off to a robotics competition. He’s a coach/mentor for a local high school. BIL #1 and BIL #2 are going to see their mom since it is her birthday. They offered to bring Lana because it would be nice for her to see her grandmother and it would free me up, but I told them she had dance classes and we had other plans. Honestly, I am less enthused about Lana going to MIL’s birthday because I am still bitter about that one spontaneous visit where she compared her with her cousins. But that was only part of it.

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Play hard

The Comparison game

I think one of the worst things a parent, a grandparent, or a relative could do to a child is to compare them with other children. I am thankful my parents never did that. I am also thankful my parents advised me to never compare myself to other people. I am sure I started this self-flagellation of comparing myself to others as early as elementary school…maybe even sooner? I think into my 20s it was pretty bad because I was concerned about career and life satisfaction. Now in my 30s, I am actively fighting against it.

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COVID-19 diaries: You're grounded!

So the last few days my laptop charger was not functioning properly the last few days. I thought about going somewhere to get it replaced. Thankfully, my husband fixed it.

What is new in Los Angeles? Well, over the weekend, I had friends who hiked in the trails in their neighborhood to only find it incredibly crowded. One of my friends described it as “the most crowded” he has ever seen. There were people who drove out of their way to go to a hiking trail or the beach and posted photos of how counter the behavior is to social distancing. As of yesterday beaches, hiking trails, parks, and even dog parks in Los Angeles are closed. I have only been walking my dogs around the neighborhood each day. Every time I see a person walking my direction, I change directions to practice social distancing.

I did find some good news about these past few days. Los Angeles County purchased several thousand coronavirus testing kits for the public. The wildest thing about it (by American standards) is that these testing kits are free for everyone. But maybe wilder is that across America, there is a cost attached to getting tested. For a private clinic in Houston, the cost of testing is $150. I find it awful how healthcare providers have the nerve to capitalize on this pandemic.

What have I been doing the last few days?

  • Reading. I am currently reading The Warrior Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston and Circe by Madeline Miller.
  • Exercising more. Since I’ve been driving to work instead of taking subway, my activity has significantly decreased. I would go to barre and I hit my step goal from walking to the subway and walking to work and back. Now it is whatever walking I can do at work, do house cleaning, walk the dogs around the block, and do a variety of workout videos.
  • Dealing with pregnancy. I am 10 weeks pregnant. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. More to come about that. While in self quarantine, I have been focusing on giving myself a lot of rest rather than baking up a storm like I normally would on my days off from work. Also, I am trying to get my husband’s head out of the pregnancy and baby industrial complex.
  • I have a new work schedule. Instead of working Tuesday through Saturday, I now work Monday through Friday because our office will be temporarily closed on Saturdays.
  • Playing social media games with my friends

COVID-19 diaries: Employment situations

Starting tomorrow my husband is working from home. I think he is the lucky few. I have to report to work because I work at a hospital. Though in the last few years there are articles that say things like “working from home is becoming the new normal” there are many jobs where people do not have a choice other than working at a site. Some might consider his situation a luxury.

Today I was going through my feed and a family friend posted how he just received a call from his manager that he got fired from his job. He worked at a large hotel chain. He is one of many people on my feed who shared they are out of work a month or two or indefinitely (err…fired).

My cousin is a flight attendant. She asked if I knew if anyone is hiring. She is looking for part-time work since she is getting many days off. It is hard to say if my job is hiring because human resources is not taking any live scan appointments — I doubt they are recruiting and placing new postings. I suggested her to look into working for the census. It is considered essential work.

Let me turn this post around. So good news….China has zero new cases. Their lockdown strategy was incredibly effective. Hopefully it turns around in California with the stay-at-home order.

Supporting small businesses during your corona-cation

Today at work, my supervisor brought in pastries from her friend’s shop. I asked her what was the occasion. The occasion was supporting her friend’s business especially since it has not been doing well due to the city-wide shut down. She reminded me that I need to go and continue to support my favorite businesses during this tough time. I know I mentioned earlier that we spend more days eating in than dining out (err…taking out), but it would be completely devastating if our favorite places went away.